There's nothing like seeing the stars in person, lying on a dock, or on the ground, and listening to music, but for those of us who can't Imagine The Sky is dedicated to capturing these scenes in the whole of their beauty.

Abe Winterscheidt is a economics masters student at Boston University and a graduate of  the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA (BA Government, Economics). Over the past several years, Abe has expanded his photography with new equipment, new techniques, new subjects, and by traveling across the US capturing the most picturesque scenes.

Outside of photography, Abe is an author.  He's working on a series of epic-fantasy/alternate-history novels known as The Nightstalker Saga. His writing blog is available here. Occasionally, Abe streams his writing on Twitch.

Abe has been published in Allegory Ridge's third fiction anthology (Archipelago, v. III) and High Shelf Press. Among his life goals, Abe hopes to visit every UNEP Protected Site in the world. Follow his journey one step at a time on his Protected Adventures blog

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